Blogging for Business

Blogging is a great way to enhance your website. Business blogging means:

  • You can chat to your customers, peers and shareholders
  • You can demonstrate your knowledge and ingenuity
  • You can join the online discussion
  • You give people a reason to return to your website

Business Bloggers

I’m not a ghost writer – so I won’t write your blog posts for you – but I can give you advice on how to write, what to write, when to write and what to do with what you write. Did you get all that?

Blog Editing & Co-Authoring

I’m happy to edit your blog posts, so that your ideas zing off the page. I’m also happy to co-write posts, if it helps you get started.

Business Blog Facilitator

I have blogged since I started copywriting as a freelancer. My copywriting blog has been a way for me to record my learning and my experiences, and a venue for me to share my ideas. In return, my blog has brought me new clients, and shown people that I can organise my thoughts, that I have original ideas and that I think about what I do. I can heartily recommend blogging, both as a tool for personal development and as a marketing device.

Email me if you’re interested in blogging for your business. Based on your business, your company and your company’s style I can tell you if blogging is right for you.

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