DIY Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation is not rocket science. You can do it. You might need some advice, and a few suggestions to get you started, but SEO is something that you can do. And by doing it yourself you save lots of money.

I can be employed by the hour to do small pieces of work – perhaps writing a report to guide your SEO, or assessing your site analytics, or explaining how to get good quality links. My work is about starting the ball rolling. Once it’s rolling you can decide where to push it next.

Empowering small businesses to understand their web

I believe in empowering my clients to understand the web and how to use social media to expand their web presence. I can explain technical aspects in plain English, so you’ll feel comfortable taking control of your website’s marketing.

Social media – it’s all about you!

Social media is vast, powerful and lots of fun. At first glance it can seem big, complex and aimless. I can help you navigate the social web, giving you the skills and knowledge to create connected stories throughout the web. Social media is all about people – and I’ll help you make your social media presence about you.

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