Search Engine Optimizer

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is vitally important to the success of your website. Many of your users will find you by searching with a search engine, so if your website isn’t optimised for the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft) you will appear far down the list of search results.

Many businesses find that their website’s position in search results has a direct connection to their sales. Appearing higher in search results often leads to more hits, more enquiries and more sales.

SEO Copy

Web copy that is optimised for search engines should communicate to your human visitors just as clearly as to the search engine’s spiders. Professional web copywriters understand how to balance these two demanding audiences – giving you copy that persuades, sells, communicates while talking to the search engines.

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SEO & Web Marketing

Web Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation are inextricably linked. You shouldn’t really do one without the other. Read more about my approach to Web Marketing.

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