Is Your Website Under-Performing?

If you’d like a fresh assessment of your website and what it could do better, give me a call. My web marketing reports are bursting with vitality and offer a host of natural, organic Internet marketing methods.

Once you’ve digested this wealth of potential, I can help you put things into action – especially when it comes to creating beautifully-written content that your audience will want to share.

See my page on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

My Web Marketing Strategy – Rooted in Karmic Philosophy

I’m not a Buddhist or a hippy, but I believe that digital marketing should loosely follow the principles of Karma: do good stuff and good stuff will happen all around you. (I think that probably proves I’m not a Buddhist.)

I advocate an approach to online marketing that starts by building quality websites with useful content. I then find ways of spreading the content across the web – directing traffic back to your website and establishing your business as credible, knowledgeable and helpful.

Internet Marketing and Social Media

I’m a big fan of social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – and I believe they all have a place in a modern web marketing mix. However, marketing within social networks is a risky strategy that can be perceived as spam – so it’s important to market delicately.

Social Media Marketing

Finding Your Niche

The web is a big place, and it’s easy to get lost in the morass of competing websites. I can help you find and establish your niche – exploiting an under-targeted area of the web and allowing you to dominate your sector.

Send me an email if you’d like to book a Web Marketing Report.

Alternatively, ask me about DIY web and social media marketing.

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