Who Needs Copywriters? – A Quick Look at the Benefits Copywriters Deliver

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You may have wondered: who needs a copywriter?

The question arises because people think that anyone can write the words for a web site. Many people imagine that writing for the Internet is a simple process of adapting business literature to suit the web.

Often, the task of writing a company’s corporate copy, the text that represents their online identity, falls to a person within the company who is best at writing well. That may be a middle-manager with a gift for poetry, or a secretary known for her accurate spelling, but rarely does the task of copywriting get the full attention it needs.

Writing for the web requires more than traditional writing skills. In fact, many writerly traits must be restrained when writing for the Internet.

A copywriter must also work with the following (and more) in mind:

And that is in addition to good grammar, clear style and perfect punctuation!

I will be discussing the elements listed above in more detail in future posts. In the meantime, if you intend to write for your site, get studying!

Image courtesy of Andrew Beierle

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