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The Search Intensifies

SEO – Making Sense of Optimization

One of the most interesting and potentially confusing aspects of web copywriting is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Since entering the world of copywriting I’ve done a great deal of reading and spent a long time making sense of all the different opinions on this subject.

Pure Evil

It’s understandable, given the high stakes of search engine marketing, that people are desperate to climb up the search engine results pages (SERPs). It’s also understandable that some people want quick fixes, or cheats, to get to the top. People are tempted by the dark side!

So, after researching SEO and talking to colleagues, I would like to present a summary of my thoughts so far. I’m hoping anyone with an opinion will comment on this subject!

With a Little Help from Experts

A special thanks to Madhava and Prem of Dharmafly – social web development – for their input on this post!

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Does Your Copy Offer Benefits?

Self-Centred Customers

Your customers are only interested in themselves. Your company may be wonderful, staffed by incredible people selling brilliant products, but nobody cares.


Your customers are mostly interested in what you can offer them .

If your wonderful company can provide them with something that makes their life better , then, well, suddenly they are interested !

Stop Press: Our Widgets are Wonderful!

It’s a common mistake in advertising to discuss your latest developments.

But, if you spend a fortune advertising the news that your latest widget spins faster than ever before, using a new kind of axle, and won seven awards at the International Widget Festival, your customers will take little notice. Because it has no relevance to them.Happy Shopper

But, if you advertise that the new widget is more efficient, therefore saving the user money , your customer has a reason to be interested.

With all advertising, it is worth asking of it, "How does this benefit our customers ?".

If your ad can’t answer this question, change your advertising .

Ask your copywriter to stress the benefits. Clever copy appeals to the customer’s self interest.

Disappointed customer picture courtesy of Fefo2006

Happy Shopper picture courtesy of Ed and John Harrision at the wonderful What What (take a look!)

Will Your Project Benefit From a Copywriter’s Fresh Perspective?

Luminous Idea

Strange Practices

Copywriters exist to help you sell. But you will find that one unexpected bonus of employing an outside copywriter is often great ideas.

When you explain your enterprise to an outsider you will often highlight strange practices, things taken for granted or accepted as the norm.

A New Brain

A freelance copywriter will look at your project with fresh eyes, unbiased by prior knowledge of your company. So there is a good chance they will see possibilities that were invisible to your staff.

Picture courtesy of Tiago Daniel Silva

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