2009 at Kendall Copywriting

So, what the hell have you been doing all year?

I’ve been:

  • Writing millions of words of copy
  • Getting out and meeting people
  • Migrating to London (slowly)
  • Working with other copywriters
  • Employing another copywriter
  • Meeting loads of new writers (and non-writers) through WriteClub
  • Starting (and finishing) Nyouse
  • Giving free marketing advice to start-ups
  • Helping small businesses with their SEO
  • Spending lots of time at the Werks
  • Spending a little time at the Skiff
  • Trying out a coworking space in London (The Trampery)
  • Contemplating the future shape of Kendall Copywriting
  • Attending dConstruct
  • Contributing to Freelance Advisor
  • Chatting to loads of freelancers about freelancing
  • Going to the Farm
  • Going to Likemind
  • Chatting to a DJ about Twitter live on BBC South East radio
  • Interviewed by Julie Stanford for her radio show

It’s been a massively enjoyable year. If I’ve worked with you in 2009, thanks!


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