WriteClub – and the meet goes on

Write Club London

WriteClub, the informal meet-up group for all kinds of writers, approaches its second birthday. So here’s a little update on the group…

For the past two years we’ve met regularly in Brighton (WriteClub London meets once a month). Every month, a small number of writers meet for coffee (in the morning) or beer (in the evening).

Numbers vary at every meeting, attracting between 4 and 25 people (usually somewhere in the middle). Our conversations cover everything from the challenges of freelancing and finding writing work that pays to the craft of the creative writer. WriteClub regulars include copywriters, authors, poets, journalists, novelists and artists. Our get-togethers are friendly, informal and inclusive. We’re just a bunch of writers (and non-writers) getting together to talk, about anything.

A new venue for WriteClub Brighton mornings

The next WriteClub morning (morning meets are the second Thursday of every month= 8 September) is shifting venue to Small Batch Coffee on Wilbury Avenue in Hove. This is purely because a number of members asked if we could change location occasionally. So we’re moving to a new location that’s much nearer to my flat. How convenient!

Some handy links:

WriteClub website

WriteClub London meetup group

WriteClub Google Group (for WriteClubbers in any location)



Kendall Copywriting is three!

Lemon Birthday Cake

Actually, we turned three a couple of months ago, but were too busy to notice!

Our third year has been our busiest yet. In addition to working with freelancers, small web agencies and local businesses, we’ve been doing more work with big brands and large organisations.

Bigger projects have given us the chance to work with new consultants, writers and editors – and we hope to do more of this in our fourth year of business.

Thanks to all of the clients who have trusted in our skills, and to the partners who have helped us deliver great work, consistently.



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