Announcing – a place to share and discover great copy!


I felt a need. A need to share copy and find inspiration. And my blog post on that subject generated enough positive comments to spur me to action. An lo, Drivvel was born.

Visit to see what I’m talking about.

How / what / why ?

Drivvel exists for a few reasons:

1: We need a place to find inspiration

Where can you go to find ideas to help you work with words? Drivvel is that place. It’s a place for copywriters, project managers, web editors, content strategists, designers and developers to fill their minds with winning ideas.

2: We need a place to show off

Wordsmiths are too often in the shadows. Let’s start showing off!

In time, Drivvel may serve other purposes. For now, it’s something everyone can use to share copy, and to find inspiration.


Thanks to all of the good people who took the time to try out Drivvel when it was little more than an idea. Thanks to Jack Hooker for his initial design and development work. And big thanks to Aegir Hallmundur who created our logo and redesigned our entire look. And thanks to Relly who came up with our name!

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