In praise of the Werks (a coworking space)

Coworking upstairs at The Werks

This is the first in a series of blogs of praise, in which I give overdue thanks to people and their creations.

#1: The Werks

I’d only been freelancing for a few months when I got my first lucky break. I had volunteered to write for Rosie Sherry’s (now defunct) Project Brighton blog, and Rosie invited me to try out the coworking space she was setting up with a few friends. The Werks was perfect – easy going, friendly and deeply supportive, and I’ve been here every since.

Thanks to the Werks I’ve found friends, work and great advice about being freelance.

Without the Werks my freelance career would have developed at a slower pace, without the support and companionship of talented people. Without the Werks I wouldn’t have had a dedicated workspace, a place to focus, and concentrate on the stuff that pays.

So thanks to Rosie Sherry, James McCarthy, Ian Elwick and all of the organisers and administrators who keep the Werks alive – and thanks to all of the people who make the Werks such a cool place to work.

If you’ve never tried coworking, you should! Here are a few places you might try:

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There are loads of other great coworking spaces around the world.

Music to write copy to (a Spotify playlist)

I work in a shared office, where the inane jabbering of my “colleagues” intelligent discourse of my peers can be distracting. To block out this God-awful noise charming chatter I use noise-cancelling earphones and Spotify playlists. I recently created a Spotify playlist of upbeat instrumental music. Lyrics often distract or confuse writers wrestling with words, hence the lack of vocals.

Anyway, here it is. Feel free to listen along, or don’t. 🙂

Music to write copy to


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