If you hire a copywriter, give them the reins

Reining Horse Sliding Stop

Letting go can be hard. We all like to hang on to certain things. Some people collect crisp packets, for example. Other people like to hang on to their words.

But if you take the time, trouble and expense of hiring a professional copywriter, you will have to let go of your words. Give those words willingly to your copywriter – let them grapple with your words, and make them new, and lovely.

You may have strong views about words, language and the best way to conduct your marketing, but if you aren’t prepared to open up to the views, opinions and advice of your chosen copywriter, don’t hire them. Don’t even bother emailing them.

I should point out that 99% of my clients relinquish control of their words, and put themselves at the mercy of my skills. That’s not to say my clients don’t care. Of course they do – and they question my style, doubt my tactics and clarify my spellings – but they do so with an open mind, a mind willing to genuinely consider and appreciate my views. The copy we produce together is the result of their knowledge and my expertise – and all the better for it.

The other 1%… well, let’s not talk about THOSE PEOPLE.

Kendall Copywriting is 4!

Birthday Cake

Our fourth birthday has just skipped past. I nearly didn’t notice because I’ve spent the last two weeks building sand castles on a Spanish beach, and my brain is still struggling to cope with the concepts of ‘work’ and ‘copywriting’.

But there it is: four years have passed since I started Kendall Copywriting. This event isn’t of much interest to you, but it’s exciting to me because I never knew if I would survive this long. As for any freelancer or business-starter, there is no guarantee of work, or success. So I’m glad to observe this anniversary, because coming this far was never a certainty.

The past year has been the most interesting so far, and has included writing web copy for big brands, small companies and fresh startups, writing white papers and helping multinational brands with content strategy.

Here’s to another year!

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