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Write Club London

For the past three years, writers in Brighton and London have met to chat about writing, reading, freelancing and everything else. WriteClub is a low-key, totally open and deeply informal gathering that happens twice a month.

If you write stuff, want to write stuff or want to talk about words, creating stories or even making a living as a writer, come along! You can share ideas and discuss methods with other writery-types.


Morning: Meets once a month at Small Batch Coffee, Jubilee Street, Brighton. Meetings are on the second Thursday of the month 9:00 – 10:00(ish).

Evening: Once a month, this lovely bunch of people assemble at the Earth & Stars pub. Alice Reeves recently joined Helen Keevy and Rob Shepherd as an evening host.

– there’s not much difference between the two meetings, but the morning ones tend to be quieter (i.e. fewer people) and the evening ones have the added benefit of booze (though Small Batch coffee is a delicious and energising substitute).



WriteClub London is hosted by copywriter and ‘weird fiction’ writer Al Robertson. You can find out all about the London group by visiting the WriteClub Meetup page.





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