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You might think that, as a freelance copywriter, I must spend some of my time convincing people to hire me. But I don’t. I’ll happily tell people about my experiences as a copywriter and the clients I’ve written for. I’ll even talk about my education and previous career. But I will not attempt to ‘sell’ myself to a potential client. And that’s purely because if you don’t think you need a copywriter – if you don’t think a copywriter offers real benefits – then you should not hire one.

Writing copy is a tough service to sell, partly because most humans can write. So paying someone else to write for you can feel unnatural – like asking someone to do your blinking.

If you don’t think you need a copywriter, don’t hire one. If you understand marketing, and how the web works, and how to write persuasively in a way that will bring people to your website and encourage them to sign up and buy, then you should definitely write your own copy.

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More music to write copy to – a Spotify playlist

Some time ago I shared my Spotify playlist of tracks I listen to when I’m writing copy. That playlist got played to death, so I’ve been working on a new one.

Few of these songs have vocals, and the ones that do are either muted or in a foreign language, so they don’t distract me. The tracks are fairly diverse. One minute you’re listening to modern classical, then you dive into bossa nova before a detour through hip hop and electronica.

The best thing to do with this playlist is to subscribe, then make a fresh copy so you can add and remove stuff willy-nilly.


The original playlist: Music to write copy to


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