Kendall Copywriting is 5!

Birthday Cake!


As is now the tradition, I was too busy writing copy for my clients to notice my starting-a-business-anniversary. I’ve now been in business for 5 whole years.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way. When I started, I didn’t know if I would last 5 months – let alone 5 years.

I’m not sure I would have survived without the support of the Farm, the Werks and the many great people that make up Brighton’s digital community.

Although now, of course, I’m doing business in Dorset.

A very brief update

This is a quick update to reassure the world that I have not fallen off a cliff. Nor am I spending all my time at the beach now that I live in Dorset.

I’ve been incredibly busy with work and have not had time to blog. Sorry!

My copywriting work has taken a welcome diversion into the world of charities. I’ve been writing website and web app copy for two charities, and I’m currently working on content and social media for another.

Hopefully I’ll be able to talk in more detail about these projects once I’ve written and cleared case studies (clients willing).

I offer a discounted rate to charities – so if you need a copywriter, do get in touch for a quote!

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