2fifty.com is now live!

I’m very happy to see 2fifty.com released to the internet.

I’ve been working with Jacquie Trott (the proud owner) and the talented graphic designer Dan Marsden to whip this bright idea into shape.

One of the challenges was bringing the fun of the idea onto the web page, while still clearly featuring the benefits of the exclusivity.

It was a lot of fun working through various ideas with Jacquie and Dan – and eventually striking on something that worked hard but carried a lot of irreverence.

So take a look at www.2fifty.com to see some stunning t-shirts, all strictly limited to 250 printings!


  1. Hi – I was given one of your postcards about t-shirt designs at a Cartoon County meeting, but could not access the site. How do I send in a design, or when can I do so? Further info gratefully received. Thanks, Peter.

    Comment by Peter Poole — February 19, 2008 @ 2:56 pm

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