Leif is a well-organised, highly professional copywriter and he’s always been flexible and able to deal with occasionally tight deadlines. Leif certainly knows his stuff and puts a lot of thought into his work.”

James Cook, Founder, MyMotor

Leif Kendall is the freelance copywriter behind Kendall Copywriting Ltd.

What is he like?

Leif is friendly, patient, insightful, curious, well-mannered, well organised and business-minded.

What does he do?

Leif rides bikes, reads books, raises a son, cooks food, writes stories and organises WriteClub.

Why should I hire him?

Because all of these people will tell you to.

Hear him before you hire him!

Leif was interviewed by Julie Stanford, President of Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce and the brains behind the Essential Business Guide

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Kendall Copywriting Ltd was established in 2008.

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