Advertising after the Internet revolution


A few thoughts on marketing, and how the Internet has shaken things up:

Has the Internet changed advertising?

Has the Internet changed business?

Has the Internet changed people?

Yes, yes, yes. The Internet has changed the way people live, and it is forcing changes to the way we do business – and the way businesses advertise.

Nowhere to hide

The Internet is like a giant light that nobody can dim. The light shines on everything; exposing truth, lies and everything in-between. Because everything is illuminated, it’s imperative that businesses strive for perfection in all things. Whenever you screw up, your customers will loudly pronounce your FAIL.

Your products and services will be publicly scrutinised. And having a good relationship with your customers doesn’t earn you an easy ride: your biggest fans will be your harshest critics. Everything is commented on, blogged and Tweeted. For the modern marketer, there is nowhere to hide.

The advertorial

Adverts need to be informative. To be informative, you need to have a genuine statement. Noisy propaganda is clearly just noisy propaganda. The product has to be great. The innovation must be genuine. If you want to advertise, get a product first.

(Picture courtesy of Takuya Oikawa)


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