Catch a Fish from the Sea… new site now live!

I’m very pleased to announce that the first website produced by Kendall Copywriting is now live. The product of a collaboration between Jay Alvarez, a freelance web designer, and myself, is the online home of author Nasreen Akhtar.

Nasreen recently published her first book, Catch a Fish from the Sea (Using the Internet), after creating her own publishing company, Greenbirds.

A brief synopsis of Catch a Fish from the Sea (Using the Internet):

Catch a Fish from the Sea (Using the Internet) is Nasreen Akhtar’s beguiling account of her online dating adventures, and an ordinary girl’s search for an extraordinary guy.

Battling traditional South Asian sensibilities and the wilderness of Internet dating, Nasreen fearlessly searches for someone to love – or even like. Witty, heart-breaking and bitter-sweet, Catch a Fish from the Sea is a memoir that provides a hilarious, moving account of life in multicultural Britain.


Having read Catch a Fish from the Sea I can heartily recommend it. You can order your copy direct via the website. And don’t forget to tell Nasreen what you think about her book! You can also vote for Catch a Fish as a Book to Talk About.


If you have any thoughts on Nasreen’s website, Jay and I would love to hear them.


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