Copywriters – how can we kill the jargon?

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Copywriters! It’s time to fight back against jargon. Who’s with me?

A battle-cry

We all know that good copy is concise, open and easy for everyone to understand. Good copy relies on captivating stories, clear messages and compelling benefits. Jargon and management-speak are not part of the good copywriter’s toolbox. A large part of a copywriter’s work involves detecting BS, stripping it from copy and replacing it with something real.

How do we fight the tide of jargon?

We know the perils of jargon, but how do we handle clients who love it?

I have clients who cannot bear to call their spades “spades”, because “spade” doesn’t sound sophisticated enough, or because (allegedly) the garden managers they sell to do not respond to such lowly language – these captains of industry must read of “soil-shifting leverage devices” – anything but “spade”.

I argue, I persuade, I persist. But however hard I try, some clients remain locked to their ideas, convinced that pseudo-smart fancy-pants copy is the best thing for their business.

Please help!

I want to know your secrets, your tactics and your tips for dealing with clients who love jargon. Do you cite evidence – perhaps a book or a blog post. Do you have stats? Is there a pie-chart I can lob at recalcitrant clients?


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