That’s what we want to achieve with your copy.

Whether we’re nudging customers to increase their order, drawing in new audiences, sharing your annual report or keeping in touch with fans through email, we want to create action.

That’s why you’ll find that I’m interested in more than your copy project.

I will ask about your customer base, your business model, your background and your strategy. I will ask about how our work fits within the context of your business as a whole.

These questions help me write copy that makes a difference for your business.

What can I write?

During 12 years of freelancing, I’ve written millions of words for 223 different clients. This experience covers tiny startups, British institutions and global brands. Here are a few examples of the kinds of copy I write:

Web copy – I understand how search engine optimisation (SEO) works, but I never let search mechanics take priority over the needs of your human audience.

White papers – I’ve written long-form guides and white papers on complex topics, including finance, nuclear disarmament, and a wide variety of B2B software products.

Emails – Email marketing is one of the most effective methods for building relationships with your customers and boosting sales. I have written highly effective sales emails as well as monthly newsletters.

Blog posts – You can tell me what to write, or I can suggest articles that will interest your customers, inform your prospects, and improve your search engine performance.

Internal comms – I’ve written internal communications for Deloitte, Barclays, Allianz and Pepsico – including intranet copy, posters and email campaigns.

How does it work?

You can choose how we work together. You can book a few days of my time, or we can agree a fixed price for completing a specific project.

A good place to start is with a phone call. We can discuss what you want to achieve and figure out how I might help.

I’ll then send you a proposal.

If you want to proceed, we’ll set up a briefing call so we can discuss your project in greater detail.

Why Leif Kendall?

I’ve been a freelance copywriter since 2012.

And while I’ve written for hundreds of companies in that time, I’ve also broadened my horizons in ways that have informed my approach to writing copy:

  • Wrote a book for Pearson (Brilliant Freelancer)
  • Started a group for writers (WriteClub)
  • Created a mediocre podcast (Our Freelance Life)
  • Took over an association for copywriters (ProCopywriters)
  • Organised and marketed a conference for copywriters (Copywriting Conference)

All of these experiences mean that I understand the reality of selling products and services using copy and content.

I’ve sent hundreds of marketing emails and seen the results. I’ve blogged for business. I’ve created webinars, podcasts and ebooks – and seen how they can fit into a larger marketing campaign.

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