A place for copywriters to find inspiration…

Screen This is a quick follow-up on my blog post, “Where do copywriters go for inspiration?“…

The website I had in mind when I wrote that post is up and running, and a few keen copywriters have been adding examples of copy.In a few weeks, once the big wrinkles have been ironed out, we’ll go public!

So what’s this website for?

  • It’s a place for copywriters to share great copy. Scratch that. It’s a place for anyone to share great copy. Anyone interested in building a better web, or anyone interested in marketing and advertising, can share great examples of words in action.
  • It’s a place for copywriters, web workers and marketing types to find inspiration
  • It’s a place for copywriting to be discussed and considered
  • It’s a place for copywriters to show off their own best work – and maybe even find clients

If you like the idea of having a dribbble for copywriters, send me your email address.


  1. Nice read.
    Thanks for sharing this. Never knew copywriters have a inspiration site. Haha and its not just for copy writers its for everyone. Anyways Thanks for sharing. Will totally try this one.

    Comment by Janjan — December 2, 2011 @ 11:54 am

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