Does Your Copy Offer Benefits?

Self-Centred Customers

Your customers are only interested in themselves. Your company may be wonderful, staffed by incredible people selling brilliant products, but nobody cares.


Your customers are mostly interested in what you can offer them .

If your wonderful company can provide them with something that makes their life better , then, well, suddenly they are interested !

Stop Press: Our Widgets are Wonderful!

It’s a common mistake in advertising to discuss your latest developments.

But, if you spend a fortune advertising the news that your latest widget spins faster than ever before, using a new kind of axle, and won seven awards at the International Widget Festival, your customers will take little notice. Because it has no relevance to them.Happy Shopper

But, if you advertise that the new widget is more efficient, therefore saving the user money , your customer has a reason to be interested.

With all advertising, it is worth asking of it, "How does this benefit our customers ?".

If your ad can’t answer this question, change your advertising .

Ask your copywriter to stress the benefits. Clever copy appeals to the customer’s self interest.

Disappointed customer picture courtesy of Fefo2006

Happy Shopper picture courtesy of Ed and John Harrision at the wonderful What What (take a look!)


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  2. Leif, I agree entirely.

    I would add though that beautifully stressed benefits must be backed-up with a very clear, explicit and easy to follow “call to action”. Once you have convinced your reader that your widget will, in fact, make their life better, you need to unambiguously tell them what to do to next: Call this number 555 666 1234 for your free information pack, email us at for a free consultation – that kind of thing …

    Comment by madhavaji — January 21, 2008 @ 10:33 am

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