Don’t be boring – copywriting tip #9

Bored Gorilla

Your copy might be correct, but is it boring?

It’s easy to get obsessed with marketing principles when writing copy – there are lots of rules to follow, and all kinds of advice to cloud your thinking. So it’s easy to forget that you also need to be interesting.

It’s worth re-reading your copy to make sure it isn’t so mind-numbingly dull that it sends you to sleep before you can finish the first sentence. Yes, your customers need information, but there are ways of presenting information that will keep people awake, if not entertained.

Here are three quick tips for keeping your readers awake:

  1. Surprise them. Say something in a weird way. It might stick in their head, like a persistent headache.
  2. Edit. If you waffle, you will definitely bore people.
  3. Avoid clichés. If your writing is full of clichés, people will get the feeling they’ve already read your copy. And they might not want to read it again.

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Bored Gorilla picture courtesy of Fabricio Braga


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