Highlight the benefits (How to be your own copywriter)


When you write about your products or services, tell people how your offerings can change their life, or improve their business.

Remember that when someone buys your fridge they are really buying food and drinks that are cold, fresh and free from bacteria. They are buying convenience. Nobody wants a big white box, but everybody wants food that’s free from mould and safe to eat.

So if you’re telling someone about your new iPhone app, tell them what it does AND why it’s functions are so great. How does the app improve or alter the user’s day-to-day existence?

You can highlight benefits in different ways. You can talk explicitly about the benefits, like this:

Benefits of Dave’s Fridges:

–  Your food stays fresher for longer 

–  Efficient freezer function saves energy and cuts your costs 

–   Easy-clean anti-bacterial coating

Or you can blend benefits into a more general discussion of the product, like this:

Dave’s Fridges offer rapid-cooling and an anti-bacterial coating to keep your food healthy and free from bacteria.

However you do it, make sure you get beyond product features and tell people exactly how they will benefit by buying your product or service. Don’t expect your reader to be able to guess the benefits.



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