July update – what are we doing?

This is a quick update to explain what I’m doing these days…

In between writing copy for a bank and a software consultancy, my time is spent guiding the Professional Copywriters’ Network and producing podcasts as Our Freelance Life.

And away from work we now have a second child to contend with, so this poor blog gets rather forgotten.

I wrote an article for PCN recently that was inspired by a question I received from a freelancer via this website. They were keen to bag bigger clients, and asked if I had any advice. How can copywriters win bigger clients and bigger projects? – is the result.

I’ve also released another two episodes of Our Freelance Life. Episode two features freelance copywriter Will Hillier, who made the leap into freelancing even more challenging by combining it with a move to Berlin. Episode three features freelance web designer Sarah Evans. Have a listen!


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