On the radio…

Just a quick post – I was called this morning at 7:45 and asked if I would go on BBC local radio (I think the DJ was Neil Pringle) to talk about Twitter.

Now the interesting thing is that the producer or researcher who called me found me by Googling ‘Brighton Twitter’. One of the results for that search is a blog post I wrote ages ago, ‘Why Twitter? – Method in the Mayhem’. So I’m writing this post mainly to remind my future self of the benefits of blogging.

Back to the radio interview – so within minutes of answering the call, I was on the radio talking about Twitter. The DJ asked me whether he, as a Luddite, should try Twitter. I said something like, “that depends on you. Twitter isn’t for everybody…”

I briefly discussed how Twitter differs from Facebook (it’s much more open – you follow who you want, you don’t just befriend friends or the people you never liked at school) and then the interview was over.


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