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Many of my clients have blogs, but very few write blog posts.

Consequently, many of my clients have a section of their website which is lying dormant – not delivering the benefits it might.

A neglected blog is definitely a missed opportunity. Regular blogging brings many benefits, including:

– your potential clients can learn who you are, what you care about and what you know

– Google is reminded that your website is active and relevant

– you can join your industry peers in discussions and debates.

And one negative impact of having a neglected blog is that potential clients wonder if you’re still there – and if your business is still a going concern.

Publish regular blog posts without the hard work

Instead of slaving over documents and messing about with your CMS, you can work with me instead.

We’ll devise a plan for the months ahead, work together to generate ideas, and then I will write and upload a month’s worth of articles each month.

So you get a lively, active and engaging blog without having to devote hours and hours to it each month. You still get high-quality content that’s written in your voice with the benefit of your expertise, but I do all the laborious writing.

Email: for pricing.

Or call: 07790 748 243


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