In Praise of Cheap: the Quick n’ Dirty Road to Glory


What follows is a short rumination on a common choice: the choice between what you can afford today and what you can afford tomorrow.

Okay, so I agree that cheap is bad. “Buy it cheap, buy it twice,” we say. Andy Budd wrote an excellent blog post on the merits of buying quality (Why I can’t afford cheap.) which I really like and very much agree with.

The Fast Side of Cheap

But I’ve experienced the other side. I’ve personally felt the benefits of just doing. Cheap might be quick and dirty, but often the alternative is waiting until you can afford something better.

I frequently encounter people who delay significant life changes or big steps forward because they’re waiting for some other criteria to be met… “I can’t do this until I’ve got that,” … “I can’t start my business because I can’t afford Z,” … “I can’t do X because I’m waiting for Y to happen.”

Sure, it makes sense to invest in quality, but sometimes it’s better to just get going.

Quality can wait; life will not.


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