Taking over the Professional Copywriters’ Network

I’m taking the reins as director of the Professional Copywriters’ Network. You may know that founder Tom Albrighton had planned to close the organisation after many years at the helm.

I didn’t want to see PCN close. PCN is our professional association. It’s our hub. It’s also a place where copywriters can find inspiration, figure out the mechanics of freelancing and learn from their peers. Copywriters need PCN.

And fortunately, with the support of an impressive team of copywriters, we can continue the work of PCN.

Our plans for PCN, at this stage, are to continue with more of the same. The fundamental aims of PCN remain the same as when Tom and Ben Locker started the organisation.

You can expect PCN to grow in the coming months and years. PCN will do more to support copywriters of all flavours, whether freelance or in-house. We want to see PCN represent copywriters and do more to make your working life a pleasure.

You can read more about this development – and our plans for the future of PCN – on the Professional Copywriters’ Network blog.



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