The fine art of copywriting: be easy

Easy is an important word for copywriters. It’s a word we can use and it’s a word we can heed.

Be easy

Your readers are more likely to follow your instructions, or be tempted to buy or vote, if you make it easy for people to respond.

Your copy must be easy to read, easy to understand and easy to act on. As a copywriter you must work through the ramifications of your words. If you’re asking readers to enquire by email, are you making it easy for them to do so?

If you’re giving instructions, are they correct? Have you tried following your own instructions? Is every other part of the business and website correct, and as you describe?

Lead your reader down an easy path, free of obstacles.

Use ‘easy’

Easy is also a brilliant word to use. People love it! It’s short, optimistic and encouraging. So never shy away from this humble, yet powerful, word.


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