The fine art of copywriting: be friendly

Good copy is communicative, and good communication happens when there’s a rapport between the communicators. You can build rapport with your readers by creating a cordial atmosphere.

Here’s how you can write copy and make friends:

Have respect. Friends respect each other. Don’t patronise your reader, or try to hoodwink them. Give it to them straight.

Remember your readers are human. Your reader is an individual, a human being just like you. So address them directly.

Be nice. You might be selling enterprise communication solutions (WTF?) but you don’t have to spout jargon.

Be helpful. How can you help your reader? What information might benefit them? What links could you offer them to make their life easier?

Use nice, friendly words. ‘Killer’, ‘eliminate’ and ‘destroy’ may seem appropriate when describing Mrs Crumbles Kiddie Café, but there are probably nicer words you could use instead.


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