Use keywords (How to be your own copywriter)



If you don’t want people to find your website via search engines, then you can ignore this blog post.

Otherwise, let’s talk about your website and how we can help people find you.

Let’s imagine that you have the most amazing website offering the world’s finest ale. But your fantastic beer alone might not be enough to bring people to your website. After all, if people are searching for ale and you write about beer, then those people will find other websites, not yours.

Likewise, if you sell pyjamas, you need to mention pyjamas. And probably nighties too. You might need to mention if you sell pyjamas for girls, boys, men or women. You might need to mention that you sell Adventure Time pyjamas or Hello Kitty slippers.

So, the advice is, write about whatever it is you’re doing. Using keywords is really is that simple.

Match the words that everyone else is using

You might prefer to think of your artisan fruit preserves in those terms, but if the world wants ‘strawberry jam’ or ‘orange marmalade’, you may need to use those terms too.

If you want people to find you, you may have to accept their terms. Literally.

Use keywords sparingly

Don’t go repeating keywords willy-nilly. You’ll look desperate.

If it makes sense to use a keyword in a heading, then great, go ahead. Otherwise, don’t bother.

Try to use your most important keywords at least once or twice on main pages. But don’t obsess about the ‘density’ of these keywords.

Keywords can feature in your blog too

If you have a blog, write some stuff about your business. Write about what’s happening in your industry. Write about the clever stuff you’re doing. Keywords will naturally occur. Success follows.

Why it’s worth giving keywords a little thought and effort

By using the right keywords in the right places, you can bring the right people to the right website (that being yours).

Let’s think about what that really means. It means that:

– People make their own way to your website (they come to you)

– People are interested in your services or products

– People who are motivated enough to seek out a business like yours are usually intent on buying

– People who visit your website cost you very little (assuming your website is already bought and paid for)

Next week we’ll look at how your copy should be answering your customers’ questions…



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