WriteClub London is at the Barbican in August!

If you write stuff, and live in London, I recommend you pop along to WriteClub London casual chats with other writery-types, because in August they’re meeting at the Barbican, as part of the Hack the Barbican event.

Here’s the blurb from Al Robertson, the magnificent host of WriteClub London:

Exciting news! We’ve got a rather wonderful new venue for August’s meetup – we’re going to be hitting the Barbican, as part of August’s Hack the Barbican month. Here’s the blurb about it:

For four weeks between 5-31 August 2013 the cavernous foyer areas of The Barbican will be taken over by London’s biggest ever experiment in cross-disciplinary collaboration. Bringing together artists, technologists and entrepreneurs, Hack The Barbican sets out to explore new boundaries and reinterpret one of the world’s great cultural centres. Nothing is off limits. Everything is open to question.

And here’s the HtB website: http://hackthebarbican.org

In practice, what it means is that we get to talk writing and enjoy a drink or two in the splendid Brutalist vision of tomorrow that is the Barbican foyer. We’re in Alcove 1 of the Mezzanine – I’ll ping through an exact description of where that is once I’ve walked the ground myself. And being part of HtB should bring us some fascinating new tech, media and arts people to talk writing with , too!

More details to follow – in the meantime, I’m looking forward to seeing you there on the 15th, as ever from 7pm until late. And of course, we’ll be back in our usual venue at the Yorkshire Grey in September.

Visit the WriteClub London meetup page for full details.

And if you’re in Brighton, don’t forget that there is a thriving WriteClub group for you too!



Dorset Digital networking event this Wednesday in Bournemouth

Dorset Digital is a community of web and software professionals. They meet once a month in Bournemouth, Poole, Wareham and Dorchester, and they are meeting this Wednesday in Bournemouth, at the Goat and Tricycle pub.

So if you do anything digital – do pop along!

The meet-up starts at 20:00.

You might be a copywriter, or a designer or a programmer – but everyone is welcome. The group is usually fairly small and very friendly. Some regulars are freelance / self-employed while others have regular jobs.

The meet-ups are very informal and are a great excuse to meet other locals, talk shop and drink beer.


Will I see you there?

Be your own copywriter – Part 1


You might not need a copywriter. You may prefer to take control of your own content and spruce up your words. And why the hell not?

If you’re interested in improving your own copy, then I hope you will find the following tips useful.

I’m going to elaborate on the following points in the coming weeks, and when I’m done I’ll bundle them all together into a Word document so you can take it away.

You can make your copy better (I’ll explain what ‘better’ means later…) by

  • Fixing mistakes.
  • Using keywords.
  • Making sure that the copy answers customer questions.
  • Making sure that the copy supports your own goals.
  • Highlighting benefits.
  • Bringing everything up-to-date.
  • Using calls-to-action.
  • Cross-linking your content.
  • Thinking about your customers.
  • Telling people what to expect.
  • Revealing yourself.
  • Making contact details and addresses easy to find.
  • Using active sentences rather than passive.
  • Being bold and clear, rather than trying to hide behind jargon.
  • Focusing on the positive rather than the negative.


These are some of the things you can do to fix up your own copy. There’s no magic involved in copywriting – it’s just a case of following the rules. Actually, that’s not entirely right. Following the rules will help you produce effective copy, but your words may not be inspired – or captivating. To create brilliant, engaging copy you need tap in to your creative side. We’ll talk about that in future posts.

So – back to the rules…

I recommend that you review your own copy, taking the time to consider each point, page by page. Does every sentence on every page fulfil these requirements?

Check back next week for part 2, in which I will elaborate on the first point.

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