Copywriters on Twitter

I was looking for a list of copywriters on Twitter, but couldn’t find one. So, I decided to start one:

Thanks firstly to @lemondrizzle, who told me about many of these esteemed copywriters:

(if you want to be added or removed from this list, email me. Links below open in new windows.)

  • @lemondrizzlePR copywriter, amateur writer, storyteller, looking for illustrator
  • @edevriesWriter, copywriter and e-learning designer
  • @seocopyandstrat – David Rosam is an SEO Copywriter & online strategist
  • @brendancooperSocial media thingy
  • @johnmanleycopywriter who fired all his clients to write exclusively for his own web based businesses
  • @allonline2IT engineer, internet marketer, information junkie
  • @garethlpowellauthor and copywriter
  • @nickobtAdvertising copywriter, daddy.
  • @copywritingblogProfessional Freelance Web Content Writer & Copywriter. Love to write ebooks, Sales Material, Web Content and PR stuff for clients all over the world
  • @cindykingCross-cultural marketer & international sales specialist, aligning cultural offers for international sales with copywriting for international markets
  • @divinewriteSEO copywriter, tired father, lucky husband, compulsive reader, opportunistic runner. Owner of Divine Write Copywriting.
  • @rellyabCopywriter. Mummy. Wifey. Catwrangler.
  • @eggboxrobinPermission email marketer, writer, social media learner, likes singing in choirs, amateur poet
  • @angusmelbI’m a copywriter who specialises in writing for the web.
  • @skinnerSEO/marketing consultant, deeply into search marketing and branding, Skype me: wellwrittenwords. LinkedIn: skinner[at]
  • @libbyvarcoeWeb writing trainer, web copywriter, aspiring screenwriter, toddler taimer
  • @traceydooleyI help entrepreneurs, authors, publishers and FTSE100/250 companies boost response rates and attract new customers.
  • @libbydavysocial media educator, entrepreneur, activist, artist
  • @hackneyeFreelance journo, (too) honest travel writer, guidebook author, hack, and copywriter from the London Borough of…
  • @acrileyContent Strategist. Handbag Enthusiast.
  • @rayedwardsChrist-follower. Husband. Father. Copywriter. Marketing strategist.
  • @maddiewebberI am a Copywriter/ Web Content Manager for Kuno Creative
  • @jillwhalenCEO, High Rankings – a pioneer in search engine optimization, beginning in the field in the early 1990s and founding High Rankings in 1995.
  • @askmammy – It’s all about YOU!
  • @michaelmillmanI Polish.You Prosper. $30 Million Dollar (Sales) Man. Maximum Persuasion Copywriter/Polisher, Marketing Strategist, Conversion Maximizer & Positioning Coach
  • @johnmcgOnline copywriter based in Reading, UK.
  • @rebecca_leighFreelance business writer creating smart, fresh copy (no lifeless corporate speak / no empty hype)
  • @ingridcliffWeb Words Wizard
  • @paigefillerI have a crush on the written word
  • @vbrightquality copywriter, freelance writer,Squidoo Lensmaster, proud grandma!
  • @dangoldgeierCopywriter, advertising industry columnist, videographer and video editor
  • @texturla boy. who writes. sometimes.
  • @helenbakerFreelance web copywriter, editor and helping hand. Frustrated artist, photographer and armchair activist.
  • @wonder_wallLikes threads n shoes; chocolate n choons. Has pet goldfish called Ian. Freelance stylist & writer.
  • @GaylethewriterI’m a freelance writer on the look out for work.
  • @annadewisI love to write – advertising copy is my bread and butter, creative writing is my iced bun.
  • @tottielimejuicefreelance copywriter doubling as carer for mother with dementia and catching it!
  • @AngpangCopywriter. Love creativity. Love excellence.
  • @jo_rosieI am a creative type and I enjoy being stereotyped. I like feelings more than stuff and intend to enhance the world with my being. I also like shoes.
  • @mjmccrackenFreelance scribbler for branding, advertising and design. Sometimes also writes things for the Guardian.
  • @carolmcleodContented Copywriter for Green, NPO & Travel/Tourism industry, Info-junkie, social media wannabe, martial artist, mother, wife.
  • @WendyWellsWriter, Editor, Proofreader, Manchester United FANATIC, Instructor of Film Studies, Talks to Animals, Writes Words for the World
  • @DmorriseyAdvertising writer. Radio DJ (KRCL). Baseball fan. Comic genius (self-proclaimed). East Coaster.
  • @clueycopy – Hot copy that gets noticed, wins business & makes sales!
  • @shelovestowriteI’m a freelance advertising copywriter. I write for all kinds of clients and I LOVE my job. I’m also partial to my dog and the mighty MUFC.
  • @Radencovici – digital copywriter
  • @strikingproseFreelance Copywriting Firm
  • @CascadianAssoc creative director at Merkle; free-market anarchist; loving husband + pug-dad; book-lover + reviewer; fan of Macs, paper, + pens.
  • @andymaslen – I’m an independent direct response copywriter and writing coach: I write books about copywriting too.
  • @chriscopywriterchristopher copywriter marketing agency | copywriting | public relations | internet marketing | search engine optimization | chris dusseldorp|creative director
  • @copywriterblog –  copywriting top quality stories for your business communications
  • @CopywriterUKAs a Professional Advertising Copywriter with 20 years’ experience working for top UK advertising agencies, I promise you both creative ideas and copywriting th
  • @franknunz140 friendly

And of course there’s me: @LeifKendall

Note: These are not copywriters that I recommend. These are just copywriters that use Twitter. You’ll have to judge for yourself whether you want to follow them!

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