WriteClub: Meet Writers, Drink Coffee [Event]

Working in Brighton, I’ve always enjoyed the variety and number of networking events and casual meet-ups that are available. But wherever I go, I rarely meet other writers.

So, after chatting to Ellen about it, we decided to set something up.

Here’s the event description from Upcoming:

Do you write for a living? If you’re a professional writer, or someone who wants to be a professional writer (like a journalist, copywriter, novelist, poet, travel writer, proofreader or anything else) or just someone who would like to meet writers, come along!

WriteClub is a very relaxed, informal association that consists of drinking coffee and chatting. You can come along to get ideas or support, to find inspiration or tips or to just get away from the laptop and meet other writers working in your area.

What do you need? Nothing. Just yourself and some change for a coffee.


So Ellen and I will be in Cafe Delice, 24 North Road, on Tuesday 29 September at 8:30 (am). The meeting will last as long as it lasts, but feel free to drop in and leave whenever it’s convenient.

We hope to see you there!

[Update – WriteClub – the networking meet-ups for writers and non-writers alike, now has a website]

Why working in Brighton rocks…


I love working in Brighton. Why?

Because I can network at The Farm or Vine Brighton, communicate with a wide web of new media professionals via  the Brighton New Media email list (plus the BNM website is great for monitoring everyone’s blogs) and keep up with business matters and community affairs with Project Brighton, Sussex Digital and Wired Sussex.

But best of all is The Werks, Brighton’s best office space. Designed to meet the needs of freelancers and small businesses, The Werks combines normal office space with flexible coworking space for freelancers like me. So I can drop in and work whenever I need an office and some Wi-Fi. But the really great thing about The Werks is the friendly and helpful people who work there, and who create a space that is dynamic, innovative and nurturing.

If you work from home and ever fancy getting out and working with link-minded people, I urge you to give it a try.

On top of all that, there is the unique Brighton atmosphere: idiosyncratic, freewheeling, creative, coastal, fun-loving, passionate and bold.

(Picture courtesy of Mikelo)

Freelance Farming

Farm Website

Brighton is a great place to work, especially if you’re a freelancer or in any way connected to the geek community. There are lots of regular networking groups and loads of opportunities to get involved with interesting projects.

One of these networking groups is the Farm. Aimed at connecting and supporting freelancers and small businesses, the Farm meets weekly at a Brighton pub. I started going a few weeks ago and have now been invited to join the mailing list, and was given a rather fetching profile on the Farm website.

So if you’re working in new media and want to do a bit of low-key, super-relaxed networking with Brighton’s friendliest bunch of geeks, get on down to the Farm.

Brighton Idea – Connecting You to Compost

Premasagar Rose, Brighton-based web worker with Dharmafly, has submitted a brilliant idea to Social Innovation Camp ahead of the conference in April.

If you rue the waste of perfectly good vegetable peelings, but have neither garden nor compost bin, Premasagar’s idea may change the way you recycle!

As Premasagar writes on sicamp.org:

‘Social Compost’ [working title] would be a drop-dead simple website, based around an interactive map. There would be an option to add yourself to the map and to offer either kitchen peelings or mature compost. You could use the map to find others who are offering either peelings or compost.

So with Social Compost, those without gardens can find a loving home for their compostable waste.

As someone who religiously cleans, sorts and recycles rubbish, I hate to chuck out so much good fodder.

Visit Social Innovation Camp to register your support for this idea. One day Social Compost could be a reality.

Brighton’s Best New Media Content Collected

James Wragg’s Planet BNM website collects blog posts from Brighton’s new media bloggers.

Anyone interested in what’s happening in Brighton’s digital scene should take a look. And if you’re blogging new media in Brighton, join the list!

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