Seth Godin’s Admirable Approach to Marketing

“If you buy my product but don’t read the instructions, that’s not your fault, it’s mine.
If you read a blog post and misinterpret what I said, that’s my choice, not your error.”

– from Seth Godin’s recent blog post – The posture of a communicator.

I like Seth’s approach to marketing. He doesn’t go looking for chances to blame a consumer for getting something wrong.

Not all marketers are as generous as Seth.

I’ve heard the opposite sentiment expressed by prominent web marketers, and it surprises me.

The “if the customer screws it up then it’s their problem” attitude is still prevalent among marketers.

Copywriters play a key part in taking a business message and passing it on (correctly) to the customer. One of the challenges of writing copy is making a message clear, concise and understandable by all.

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