January update and excuses for not blogging

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This poor, neglected blog might seem like proof that this copywriter is AWOL.

But quite the opposite is true.

This copywriter is active and busy and very much engaged in the world of words.

It’s just that, since I took over the Professional Copywriters’ Network in 2016, I’ve been busy blogging, managing, organising and generally nudging PCN in the right direction.

Some of my favourite developments at PCN are…

Mentor Club

Peer-mentoring for copywriters. Groups of four. Everyone helps everyone. Lovely!

Copywriting survey

Not a new initiative, but I’m delighted that we can continue this survey – originally conceived by Tom Albrighton and delivered by Joanna Tidball.

Are you a copywriter?

You should take the copywriting survey now!

It’s completely anonymous, and only takes 7 minutes or so to complete. You’ll get to enjoy the results in a couple of months.

Copywriting conference

A one-day conference for all copywriters, featuring a mix of talks and workshops on subjects like:

  • Optimising copy to get more conversions
  • Pitching skills
  • How to get attention in a cluttered world
  • Convincing clients of the right language to use

Tickets are on sale from 8 February. I hope you can join us!

Copywriting Conference 2017

Help and advice for copywriters

Our growing collection of advice for copywriters

I’m still a freelance copywriter

And lately I’ve been writing employee communications, ads for TV shows, blog posts for an e-learning company – as well as working on content strategy for a national pet charity.

July update – what are we doing?

This is a quick update to explain what I’m doing these days…

In between writing copy for a bank and a software consultancy, my time is spent guiding the Professional Copywriters’ Network and producing podcasts as Our Freelance Life.

And away from work we now have a second child to contend with, so this poor blog gets rather forgotten.

I wrote an article for PCN recently that was inspired by a question I received from a freelancer via this website. They were keen to bag bigger clients, and asked if I had any advice. How can copywriters win bigger clients and bigger projects? – is the result.

I’ve also released another two episodes of Our Freelance Life. Episode two features freelance copywriter Will Hillier, who made the leap into freelancing even more challenging by combining it with a move to Berlin. Episode three features freelance web designer Sarah Evans. Have a listen!

Taking over the Professional Copywriters’ Network

I’m taking the reins as director of the Professional Copywriters’ Network. You may know that founder Tom Albrighton had planned to close the organisation after many years at the helm.

I didn’t want to see PCN close. PCN is our professional association. It’s our hub. It’s also a place where copywriters can find inspiration, figure out the mechanics of freelancing and learn from their peers. Copywriters need PCN.

And fortunately, with the support of an impressive team of copywriters, we can continue the work of PCN.

Our plans for PCN, at this stage, are to continue with more of the same. The fundamental aims of PCN remain the same as when Tom and Ben Locker started the organisation.

You can expect PCN to grow in the coming months and years. PCN will do more to support copywriters of all flavours, whether freelance or in-house. We want to see PCN represent copywriters and do more to make your working life a pleasure.

You can read more about this development – and our plans for the future of PCN – on the Professional Copywriters’ Network blog.


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