Is bad copy to blame for your website’s high bounce rate?


If your copy is a load of balls your bounce rate* will be sky-high. Bad copy can affect your bounce rate in a number of ways:

  1. Your visitors may have been expecting something different to what you are offering. Unclear copy can attract the wrong kind of visitor.
  2. Poor grammar or spelling tells people that you’re lazy and stupid. Correct your copy and people might stick around.
  3. Copy that doesn’t offer clear benefits will not persuade customers to buy or read on. Make your selling proposition obvious and stress your offering’s benefits.
  4. Verbose copy bores visitors. If your visitors get bored they may bounce off to a competitor who doesn’t waffle.

Copywriters understand the reasons why web users bounce off websites. If your website is suffering from a high bounce rate ask a copywriter to assess your site for flaws.

Identify weak spots and change them. Changing a website is simple so this process is quick and cheap.

Don’t let your copy let you down!

*Bounce rate = the rate at which people “bounce” away from your website. A bounce occurs when a visitor leaves your website without visiting any other pages. It’s a clear sign that they didn’t want to be there in the first place or don’t like something about your site.

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Calling all Brighton Geeks – Project Brighton Needs Your News!

Have you got a Brighton technology or new media story? Has your organisation got something going on?

Project Brighton wants your news.

Project Brighton is a series of projects and initiatives promoting and supporting the digital community in Brighton.

Project Brighton wants to tell the world about Brighton’s thriving geek community.

I’m going to be blogging for Project Brighton so if you have a story to tell or an interesting project you’d like to shout about, get in touch.

Gaining Trust on the Web

Don’t hide behind your website. Too many businesses barricade themselves behind a chunky website, giving visitors no easy way to get in touch.

What are they afraid of?

Whenever I struggle to find a telephone number, postal address or email address on a website, I immediately begin to think the owners have something to hide.

If your business has great products and efficient customer services, you should have no reason to deny your users the opportunity to contact you.

When writing copy for the web, I always advise clients to be bold in displaying contact details. It’s a great way to gain the trust of your visitors.

Brighton’s Best New Media Content Collected

James Wragg’s Planet BNM website collects blog posts from Brighton’s new media bloggers.

Anyone interested in what’s happening in Brighton’s digital scene should take a look. And if you’re blogging new media in Brighton, join the list!

Blogging for Business – White Paper Finds Audience

Our white paper – Blogging for Business – is already gaining an audience.

Raj Anand of Kwiqq put it up on – a very useful site that offers free documents – and we’ve already had 955 hits!

If you’re in business of any kind I highly recommend; there are tonnes of useful documents available and they’re all free to download.

Cool Site – Band Namr

If you’re in a band with no name and want some suggestions, check out Band Namr, a nifty new site by Brighton websmith Paul Burgess.

I should warn you that if you find spoonerisms that, when undone, reveal rudeness, you may not want to follow that link.

Many of the band names are hilarious, but given the success of the Arctic Monkeys, it’s fair to say a few of the names are viable!

Band Namr got me thinking… what about Product Namr? A site for businesses who struggle to find a great name for a new product. People could post a summary of their new product and users can submit suggestions. Or businesses post a selection of possible names, and users vote for their favourite…

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Crafting Copy for Success

The Search Intensifies

SEO – Making Sense of Optimization

One of the most interesting and potentially confusing aspects of web copywriting is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Since entering the world of copywriting I’ve done a great deal of reading and spent a long time making sense of all the different opinions on this subject.

Pure Evil

It’s understandable, given the high stakes of search engine marketing, that people are desperate to climb up the search engine results pages (SERPs). It’s also understandable that some people want quick fixes, or cheats, to get to the top. People are tempted by the dark side!

So, after researching SEO and talking to colleagues, I would like to present a summary of my thoughts so far. I’m hoping anyone with an opinion will comment on this subject!

With a Little Help from Experts

A special thanks to Madhava and Prem of Dharmafly – social web development – for their input on this post!

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